About the Creators

We are still debating if our sense of humour is a force of nature or a 'farce' of nuture... either way, we are what we are and we think we are funny!

There have certainly been a number of influences, which have helped to form our 'left of centre' style. The comedy talent in the UK over the past 5 decades has been amazing. It has definitely made us laugh and made us want to make others laugh too. Unfortunatley, we are a particularly shy bunch, so stand up comedy or TV was never going to work for us. Hiding behind folded pieces of card seemed like a much more sensible option and so that is where we have hidden for the last 22 years. 

Born in the early 1970s, we are knocking on a bit now, but are still very young at heart and in business terms, we are still new to the industry. We set up JellynBean in 2012 having cut our teeth elsewhere in the Greeting Card Universe.

Now is our time to shine... with your help of course, by buying our cards!

Thanks for all your support: 

James Greenwood & William Verdin



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